Continuing Professional Development {CPD}

Continuing Professional Development {CPD}

Nurses/midwives are required to maintain their professional competencies and so it is mandatory for them to continuously update their skills.The NCZ introduced a mandatory  12 credit-hour system of continuing education per year.Each nurse/midwive is responsible for gaining the required credits and must submit proof of having earned the credits  before renewal of the practicing certificates.Continuing education helps in the following:

To promote a culture of reading amongst qualified nurses.

To motivate nurses/midwives to upgrade their qualifications.

Improves quality of service by increasing knpowledge  and skill base amongst nurses/midwives . 

Ensuring that clients receive evidence based care, helping to reduce morbidity and mortgage amongst clients

The content of CPD is informed by the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe  and is determined to ensure quality and safe nursing practice. In addition, it is determined by national and country health priorities as well as focus on identified individuals training needs. Continuing Professional Development participants should undertake CPD activities relevant to current and future practice in form of formal educational programmes that lead to qualifications for basic and graduate levels.They may also participate in seminars, conferences, workshops and research activities including making presentations in seminars or conferences ,CPD activities also include short courses.

All nurses/midwives are required to satisfy the requirement for CPD before renewal of the practicing  in order to maintain the right to practice. The Council will review continuing education records at the time of renewal to ensure that the nurses who fall below minimum competency or who otherwise present a danger to the public are be prohibited from practicing in Zimbabwe.

Earning credits for Continuing Education.

  • Personal Reading: Reading an article or journal that was published in the past 10 years,or reading a research article from the internet (printed article is required for evidence);Credits are earned through presenting the read information at ward rounds,staff meetings or any health related meeting.If involved in nurse education then credits will be earned by providing new and revised lecture notes.
  • Attending lectures and presentations: Credits will be awarded depending on the length of the presentation.
  • Attending workshops
  • Conducting research : Writing a paper and publishing it or presenting a paper to fellow nurses.

The continuing education credits will be verified by the qualified persons in charge of the nurses/midwives,persons responsible for giving lectures or senior tutors.These qualified personnel are supposed to give a list of nurses/midwives in their charge and number of credits awarded,for onward input into the NCZ system.
Nurses/midwives outside Zimbabwe are required to buy the continuing education booklet from NCZ and engage in continuing education if they want to maintain their names on the NCZ register.This applies also to the nurses/midwives who are not practicing.The nurses/midwives who are in the private sector must submit proof of their continued education to the District Nursing Officers in their area.Nurses/midwives undergoing Post Basic training would have their continuing education booklets verified by the senior tutor and submitted to the NCZ through the matron of the training institution.Credits cannot be carried forward from one year to another.