Education and Training

Education and Training

Nurses Council of Zimbabwe approves the curricula and training regulations for nurses/midwives training schools.The Nurses Council of Zimbabwe would like the schools to submit their enrollment list to NCZ as soon as they enroll students so that this information can be used to prepare for final examinations at the end of training.The NCZ sets and marks the examinations and the results are published at the schools.

Education Standards

The Council has developed Standards of Nursing Education in Zimbabwe to provide a framework of reference for the nursing education programs in the country in preparing safe and competent nurses/midwives practitioners who will function effectively not as members but also leaders in health care delivery system.

Discipline of Nurses

The NCZ also defines and enforces ethical practices and discipline among nurses/midwives in Zimbabwe in compliance with the Health Professions Act.The Council investigate cases of alleged misconduct or gross incompetence by registered persons.The NCZ empowered to take appropriate disciplinary measures against nurses/midwives found guilty of misconduct. When misconduct is alleged ,a report is submitted to the Practice Control Committee which then sets up a Disciplinary Committee to carry out preliminary investigations.If the allegations are substantiated,the Disciplinary Committee can call for a Disciplinary Hearing after which it can pass a verdict.

Registration and Inspection of Training Schools

The NCZ registers all the institutions to offer training to nurses/midwives.The NCZ inspects the training schools and ensures facilities meet the set standards.NCZ also carries out ad hoc inspections to ensure that set standards are adhered to.In cases of non-compliance the school can be closed pending compliance.Some of the requirements can be considered immaterial in that they do not grossly comprise quality of training in such cases the school remains open whilst rectification takes place.

Issuing of Certificates to Nurses

All nurses/midwives should be registered and licensed before they start practicing in Zimbabwe.It is illegal to practice without a valid and current Practicing Certificate.Upon registration with the NCZ ,a nurse/midwive is issued with a registration,a practicing certificate an a qualification certificate.The Practicing Certificate is renewed annually on payment of the annual fee.The NCZ issues qualifying certificates for the examinations which they sets.

Issuance of Certificate of Good Standing /Verification

Nurse/midwives can apply for a certificate of Good Standing (CGS)/verification if she /he intends to work outside Zimbabwe.The Certificates are mailed directly to the registering body and cannot be issued to the individual nurse.The applicant pays an applicable fee and fills in an application form to get the Certificate of Good Standing (CGS). There is need to capture the certificate postage date and the destination address.