Examinations Registration

Student Registration and Examinations

One of the functions of the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe is to evaluate and monitor the standard of quality of Examinations.The Council is therefore responsible for ensuring that all nurses within its jurisdiction meet as acceptable level of competences before they begin to practice .This level of competence is measured partly by our Council Final Examinations assessments before the students are registered with the NCZ .The Council registers and issues candidate numbers to all students who are to visit for examinations in the nursing/midwifery  schools country wide.

At registration the students submit the following information to NCZ:
  • Full names
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • National Registration Number
  • Entry qualifications
  • Date of commencement of training
  • Permanent Address
  • Contact Number(s)
  • Name of Training School
  • 2 passport sized photos
  • Certificate of training (clearance letter)Examination entry fee.

The NCZ sets the final examinations, marks and publishes the results.The results are presented to the  training schools for announcements to the students.

The successful candidates are cleared by the training schools before they register with  the NCZ within 30 days of successfully completing training in accordance  with the relevant Statutory Instruments which guide the training for all programs in the nursing /midwifery professions under the Health Professions Act Chapter 27/19.