Requirements for Registration

Nurses Trained in Zimbabwe

Nurses/midwives presents  to the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe offices  with the Clearance letter from the training institution to indicate that they have completed their training period and  contract .The NCZ confirms the candidate who has passed the examination by comparing  with the pass list.

The following documents are required for the registration process:

  • National ID
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Clearance Letter
  • Registration Form

Nurses Trained outside Zimbabwe

Nurses/Midwives trained outside Zimbabwe have to apply to be registered with NCZ if they wish to practice in Zimbabwe. The following are the required documents for registration:

  • Appropriate fee
  • Certificate of Good Standing (issued by appropriate registering authority where the nurse is currently practicing and  at least within the last three months of leaving the country of practice)
  • Certified copies of professional degrees, diplomas, and certificates. (Certified by attesting officer or Commissioner of oaths)
  • Certificate of completion of internship (where appropriate)
  • Certificate of knowledge of English/Affirmation
  • Two recent (at least six months) testimonials/appraisal from professional colleagues that is nursing /midwifery supervisor, lecturer, matron or manager.
  • Transcript of training
  • Record of student practical training for midwives
  • Two certified recent passport sized photographs
  • A solemn declaration
  • ID/Passport
  • Any other supporting documents

The Council approves /disapproves the registration. If successful the applicant is entered in the Provisional Register for a period of three years. At the end of three years on the provisional register, the nurse/midwives apply to be registered in the main register.

A committee approves the transfer into the main register and this is subject to satisfactory performance by the individual nurse/midwives during the years of “provisional registration. Assessments reports are required from the immediate supervisor to prove satisfactory performance.