Student Indexing


Nurses Council of Zimbabwe (NCZ) aims to establish and maintain a data base of students pursuing nursing programmes at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels in accredited institutions. The data are essential for tracking the development of professionals in the field of nursing. This facilitates monitoring of standards, not only limited to criteria for admission and student tutor ratio, but quality in training

Rationale for indexing

  • Facilitates tracking of registered students during and after training
  • Provides data on recruited students in training institutions to facilitate forecasting for both training and professional needs within Zimbabwe and beyond.
  • Essential for distribution, allocation and deployment of human resources in training and service provision


Indexing Application Procedure

All application forms fully completed with relevant certified copies of documents attached shall be submitted in the prescribed format to the Registrar Nurses Council of Zimbabwe through the applicants’ training institutions. Applications for indexing shall be submitted to the Registrar of Nurses Council of Zimbabwe by the training institution with an accompanying cover letter, the list of students (indicating full names, date of birth, sex) and other relevant documents.

The Registrar of Nurses Council of Zimbabwe will acknowledge receipt of the indexing application documents from the training institutions. Validation of documents provided shall be undertaken by the NCZ secretariat and findings communicated to the Education Committee. The allocated Index Numbers will be dispatched to the applicants, upon completion of the process through the training institutions.

Approval of the Indexing Process

Following verification and validation of the indexing documents, approval of the process will be effected as follows:

  1. Each approved applicant will be assigned a unique NCZ identifier (Index number) 
  2. Individual files will be opened for each of the approved applicants 
  3. A summary report will be prepared by the secretariat for approval by the Education Committee
  4. The report will be submitted to Council for ratification and approval

N.B. All fully completed application forms with relevant supporting documents shall be submitted to Nurses Council of Zimbabwe by the accredited training institution within the first week (7 days) of commencement of training.

Accompanying copies of documents to be certified by a commissioner of oaths and bear the signature and official stamp of the same.