NCZ | Registration Information of Nurses/Midwives

It is incumbent upon all nurses/midwives practicing in Zimbabwe to meet all the requirements set by the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe. The Council registers for all qualified nurses/midwives practicing in the country either in the private or public institutions and maintains these registers. Each nurse should ensure that they pay their registration fees and annual subscriptions as stipulated by the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe. Failure to register or pay annual fees on time attracts either a Penalty or Suspension from Practicing.

At the time of registration, each nurse/midwife pays a registration fee and is issued with a registration certificate and a practicing certificate. The practicing certificate is subject to annual renewal. All the General Nurses should pay their annual fees by the 31st of March while the rest should pay by the 31st of January.No advance payment is allowed for annual fees as Practicing Certificate are renewed yearly depending on the nurses conduct. Each practicing nurse should be able to produce the Practicing Certificate when required to do so.

Main Register


The Council keeps a register of nurses who are in Private and Public Institutions.The main register contains details of all nurses/midwives trained in Zimbabwe.

Provisional Nurses

Nurses/midwives trained outside Zimbabwe serve for three years of service. After three years of satisfactory service in Zimbabwe they are transferred from the Provisional register to the Main register. The main register increases as a result of the absorption of new graduates from training schools and inward nurses migration. It can shrink due to emigration, deaths and retirements.

Each nurse practicing in Zimbabwe is required to be registered and licensed with the Nursing Council of Zimbabwe in accordance with the Health Professions  Act.

Student Registration and Examinations

The Council registers and issues candidate numbers to all students who are to sit for examinations in the nursing schools around the country.At registration the student submit the following information to Nurses Council of Zimbabwe :

Full Names
Date of birth
National Registration Number (ID)
Entry qualifications
Date of commencement of training
Permanent Address
Email Address
Contact Number(s)
Name of Training School
2 passport sized photos
Certificate of training (clearance letter)
Examination entry fee

The Council maintains a database of all examination candidates. The students only register with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe six weeks prior to sitting for the final examinations. The schools of nursing /midwives are required to submit details of the students’ data at the time of enrollment into the schools of nursing/midwifery.