Payments should be done through Ecocash, Swipe or bank deposits

The Nurses Council of Zimbabwe revenue comes from the funds collected from nurses/midwives.Fees are described briefly below:

Registration Fees

Registration fees are paid once a nurse graduates from nursing school.Within 30 days of passing the final examinations,a nurse is required to register with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe.Nurses can continue with studies after their initial graduation,they are required to register and pay for any post basic qualifications with the Council within 30 days of qualification.Registration fees are dependent on the category of the nurse.

Annual Fees

According to the Health Professions Act chapter 27:19 (2000) it is mandatory for all nurses to renew their Practising Certificates with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe annually. It is illegal for any nurse to practice without a valid Practising Certificate.The Practicing Certificates for SCNs, PCNs and SCTNs expire on the 31st of January each year and those of the General Nurses expire on the 31 March each year.

Change of Name

To affect a change of name a nurse has to bring all the necessary legal document e.g a marriage certificate for a married female nurse and pay a stipulated change of name fee.

Provisional Registration

This applies to internationally trained nurses who would want to practice in Zimbabwe.The fee must be paid before the application form is submitted.Before registration  onto the main register these nurses are entered onto the provisional register for three (3) years.

Registration for Zimbabweans working abroad

All Zimbabwean trained nurses/midwives  working abroad should keep their registration with the Council current by paying their annual fees.

Registration of Health Institution

An application fee is charged and must be paid on submitting the application form.An institution can only be registered under a nurse who is in good standing with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe, has additional qualifications, and has been working for more than 5 years in the discipline they wish to register under.

Inspection of Health Institutions

Institutions can apply to be inspected when they want to register or expand services e.g training schools.The institution has to pay an inspection fee on the submission of the application.

Certificate of Good Standing(CGS)

A nurse intending to work abroad can apply for a certificate of good standing.An applicable fee is payable on submission of the application form.Those nurses/midwives with cases of misconduct will have the document indicating that the nurse/midwife is not in good standing with the Council.While good recommendation is given to those nurses/midwives who are in good standing with the council. CGSs are mailed directly to the requesting nursing/midwifery body and not given to the individual nurse.

Re-registration Fees

Re-registration fees are paid by nurses/midwives who have not paid annual fees on the  stipulated expiry date of their Practicing Certificates.

Other Payments made to the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe include the following:

  • Examinations Fees
  • Badges
  • Epaulettes
  • Bars
  • Replacement of lost Documents .
  • Application to be transferred from Provisional Register to Permanent Register
  • Disciplinary fines and related costs